WRITING IT DOWN, CHECKING IT TWICE: ‘Checklists are more important now than ever’

Checklists ...

Where would we be without them?

(Stranded somewhere without snacks or wipes, no doubt!)

Let’s face it, lists are not just helpful when it comes to navigating the never ending to-dos of daily life as a parent. They’re actually ESSENTIAL... for efficiency and organisation, as well as our wellbeing.

After all, nothing beats the stress-relief that comes from writing it all down, nor the feel good factor that comes from crossing it all off!

With yet more restrictions and challenging times looming, checklists are becoming even more important now than ever, particularly as we look to make sure we have everything *but only* what we need going forward.

The check list of what to pack and buy might look somewhat longer (sanitiser - check! Masks - check!), but having a trusted baby care brand such as Metanium for all your nappy bag / change table needs can help provide one less thing to think about... at least.

With life sometimes proving to be stressful enough, Metanium is helping lessen the load by offering unrivalled protection against nappy rash, leaving you and your baby free to carry on with the best of the everyday, the 2020 way!

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