To most of us, dandelions are little more than nuisance weeds.

From a child’s perspective though, this so-called ‘weed’....is a WISH!

A chance to pin a dream on something tangible, which by virtue of the universe (and maybe a little magic), might then come to true.

This emblematic value admittedly tends to fade with advancing years, but at this time when we’re being encouraged to cultivate greater optimism, and strengthen our belief muscles towards the idea that better days are coming... it‘s an idea that’s looking increasingly appealing.

After all, there’s something quite captivating about the idea of attaching our hopes to a whimsical weed, and setting it adrift on the ether, to come of what may!

With this in mind, we’re currently committing to re-framing the ‘weeds’ in our everyday life, and giving them the benefit of the doubt, that they might serve some deeper purpose than first impressions imply!

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