Sustainability in Spades: 'As we head into high summer, reducing plastic waste starts at the beach'

Today marks the last day of Plastic Free July, the month long campaign dedicated to raising awareness of our plastic footprint, and taking steps (no pun intended) to reduce it.

As parents, we’re acutely aware of the the ubiquitiousness of plastic. All the masses of toys, gadgets, snack wrappers and even clothes that abound in early years, are all reminders of the work that needs to be done in terms of upping these products’ sustainability credentials, particularly given how disposable they are as commodities.

At the moment, there are many ways we can help drive the change, from wooden toys to organic clothing. Recycling, to buying preloved.

As we head into high summer, sustainability starts at the beach, with the spotlight on buckets, spades and other beach toys that go hand-in-hand with staycations and sandpits.

During the summer holidays, hundreds of plastic buckets and spades get left behind on our beaches, with far reaching implications for the environment and marine life.

Leading the way with their eco friendly buckets and spades, made from 100% recyclable materials, are Dantoy. The switch to their eco friendly beach toys can seem like a small one, buts it’s a baby step in the right direction, and one that will hopefully help set a plastic-free precedent for many beach holidays to come!