Eczema is a problem that many parents have to battle with these days. There has been a noticeable increase in this condition in recent years and treating it can be very difficult. The trick is to remember that eczema is usually an indication of the body trying to get rid of something. Many parents report that the eczema begins at the time of their baby’s injections. Others find that certain foods – eg. dairy, gluten or sugar - are the trigger. To work out if a particular food is the problem, cut it out completely for a fortnight and see if the skin improves. Do this with one food type at a time and remember that there are lots of hidden sugars in food and drink (eg. tomato ketchup, fruit juice, yoghurts).

So how do you treat eczema? A GP can prescribe topical creams such as diprobase, emollient/aqueous cream, or a steroid as a last resort. If these don’t help or you don’t want to use a steroid cream, there are other, natural options such as my Magic Cream and Little People products. Made with Organic Wild Lavender and Organic Chamomile, they work very well because they relieve the itching which in turn stops the constant scratching. They also soothe, calm and heal the skin, and their natural antiseptic properties help skin that has become red and angry. Most important of all, they are entirely natural and without side effects.

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