With limited options currently available in the way of ‘family entertainment’, muddy walks and puddle-hunting adventures are coming up trumps in the ranks of ways-to-stop-everyone-going-stir-crazy-during-lockdown!

If the months of restrictions have taught us anything, it’s that there isn’t a single toy that can compete with the endless appeal of a giant puddle!

For children, puddles and mud - and the opportunity to engage with natural elements - can help fuel the kind of open-ended, unstructured play that improves problem-solving, creativity, and self-confidence.

In the current lockdown climate, this effect is more important than ever, especially in helping mitigate some of the effects of increased time indoors.

It’s a reality that makes now quite possibly THE coldest, soggiest and messiest time to be a parent. That said, most would agree - the mud-covered clothes and soggy socks are a small price to pay....even if they are a big pain to clean!!

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