‘Lockdown has created many and varied obstacles to children’s mental health’

Today marks the start of Children’s Mental Health Week - an event that can’t fail to strike a chord with the many parents and caregivers currently witnessing first hand, the challenges our youngsters are facing as a result of the pandemic.

Lockdown has created many and varied obstacles to mental health, leading us to become increasingly concerned as to how to safeguard against the side effects of social distancing, as far as we possibly can.

Often, this can seem a job in itself, and overwhelming when considered against everything else we are currently required to condense into a working day.

It is reassuring to learn, therefore, that the all-important ‘connection’ that we are all striving for most, might be easier to nurture than we think.


According to research, there are NINE minutes in every day that children need connection with their parents/caregivers the most.

Those are, first thing in the morning, first thing when they get home for the day (granted, not relevant right now) and last thing at night.

Focusing our attention towards our children WHOLEHEARTEDLY at these times of the day, in particular, is thought to have an incredibly positive impact.

Mostly, by affecting such factors as sleep quality, how children feel about themselves as they fall asleep, and how seen, heard, and valued they feel at the times when they need it most.

Taking into account this theory, might help lend parents some much-needed reassurance, that their best is most likely more than enough... even in these thinly-spread times.

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