Today might mark the last bank holiday of the summer, but with it comes the opportunity to make up for some of what the previous few bank holidays may have lacked.

Granted, a return to ‘freedom’ as we knew it is still a way off, but with the reduced lockdown restrictions, we are at least in a position to savour more of the family time that remains before the summer is out!

Whatever that looks like for you, rest assured there is something quite luxe about the ordinary right now, where even doing nothing, feels like something.

If you are venturing out this bank holiday, the ‘home from homes’ are a big part of what helps make navigating beyond our four walls feel a little more comfortable.

The check list of what to pack might look longer (sanitiser - check! Masks - check!), but the old nappy bag faithfuls remain a comforting constant in these times of extra diligence.

One such must-have - Metanium Nappy Cream - is THE must-pack item in the event that getting out of the house DOES come to fruition this bank holiday Monday!

Metanium has been trusted by mums for the longest time, and it’s still here now... helping mums maintain a sense of normality to their babycare routines when all around uncertainty and unfamiliarity prevails.

With life evolving out of lockdown having been challenging enough, Metanium is helping lessen the load by offering unrivalled protection against nappy rash, so helping you make the best of this family time at home.

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