BLACKBERRY PICKING: 'This activity is sure to grab the attention of outdoor-loving children'

With only a few weeks of the summer holidays to go, the ideas for ways to keep the kids amused may be starting to wear a bit thin.

One activity that’s sure to grab the attention of outdoor-loving children (and parents) who’ve well exhausted the park play mainstay, is blackberry picking.

With blackberries currently in season, there’s no better time to grab a container and head to your local fields and parklands.

With blackberry bushes adorning many urban areas as well, this is one fruit picking experience that you hopefully won’t need to travel too far for.

As for the incentives, children are thought to benefit from the experience of actually witnessing where food comes from, such is one of the main take-homes of this activity.

Not only this, there is confidence and creativity to be gained from the process of turning their crop into something delicious afterwards (blackberry muffins anyone?)

Aside from this, there’s no dispute in that any activity which encourages time outdoors and physical activity, as blackberry picking does, can only be a good thing for overall health and well-being.

From a nutrition stance, fruit that has been freshly picked inevitably carries the advantage of fewer chemicals (if any) not to mention higher levels of vitamins and minerals.

So there you have it. The ultimate escape-from-the-house excuse to fall back on in these final weeks of summer, especially when the crumble and custard is calling!