In parenting, there are these things called ‘and breath!’ moments.

Times in the day when you consciously exhale... and come up for air in what seems like the longest time.

Among these moments...

A sip of a hot drink in one stolen, silent moment.

The click of the front door as it closes, with everyone finally outside and in the car. The infinitely difficult task of leaving the house - complete!

Another of these moments... the sound of Dad’s key in the door after a day of not being able to catch a moment’s headspace.

Dads might not realise it, but their return is often long anticipated, not least for some much-craved company, but also for the pressure that just having another set of hands helps to ease.

On Father’s Day, we’ve partnered with nappy care brand Metanium to celebrate the importance of not just Dads, but all the other respite-givers that see us mums through the sometimes long and testing days.

They’re many and varied, but above the tea and the toilet time outs, Dad is arguably the most important of all.

Metanium is just one of the other little peace-givers, trusted by mums for the longest time for smoothing some of the stumbling blocks of the nappy years.

With life in lockdown having being challenging enough, Metanium is helping lessen the load by offering unrivalled protection against nappy rash, so helping you make the best of this family time at home.

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