'For many children, home learning offered a rare opportunity for them to play to their strengths'

There has understandably been a lot of noise recently about potential setbacks in both education and development that lockdown may or may not have caused.

While the concerns in many cases are wholly justified, there are just as many children for whom the switch to home learning proved a positive one, offering a rare opportunity for them to play to their strengths.

It’s easy to forget, that just like adults, children can be either introverted or extroverted by nature, with those of a quieter disposition often having fared surprisingly well during this time outside of the classroom.

This isn’t a general rule for every child, of course, but with children (and adults) of a more introverted nature generally needing lower levels of stimulation, it makes sense that some might be seeming to thrive in the quieter setting of home.

With many children now starting to return to school, or set to in the coming months, what this period might go to prove is that there isn’t necessarily a correlation between outward demonstrations of learning (being the best talker, or the most confident), and the retention of information/development of ideas.

Being at home might have been a challenge in many ways, but this chance that so many quieter children have had to come into their own, might just end up being as much of a learning curve for them, as it has for us!