If you go down to the woods today...

You’re sure of a big surprise!

The surprise being, in most cases, the return of those happy, curious, adventurous and inquisitive little characters that the household confines seem to less often bring out of our little ones.

Strolling through the woods, with the sunlight beaming through the leaves, their instinct to run, jump, collect woodland memorabilia and excitedly articulate every observation is a joy for any mum and dad to behold.

The picture-perfect scenes are a far cry from the frustrated and generally disinterested faces that other ‘fun’ activities (not least the crafts) seem to be met with nowadays, and the perks of nature therapy don’t end there.

Woodland walks and ‘forest bathing’ also have health advantages, for children and parents, by helping to promote creativity and relaxation, among other mechanisms.

With the weather lending particularly well to outside adventures right now, it’s the perfect time to pack the snacks and head for the trees.

Between the sticks collected, the dens built and the wildlife spotted, there’s a window of opportunity for learning, living and reconnection that can’t be rivalled at home.

Swapping screen-time for tree-time might not make the former any less appealing, or the lockdown challenges any less likely to resume upon returning home, but what it will do is provide all-important breathing space. Head-clearing, mind-focusing, perspective-shifting space, which in these current times, is the best self-care tool we can possibly hope for, or rely on.