Home is where the hearts are

Let’s face it… we’ve all probably spent the last few months worrying (a lot) about our children. Worrying about them falling behind, or about them missing out on any and all of the elements of pre lockdown life that they were used to. These are real genuine concerns for many parents, and a child’s age is no accounting for how much the guilt and stress weigh in. With so many ‘what ifs’ playing on our minds, it can sometimes be hard to see the silver linings for the clouds. We’ve a sneaky suspicion, however, that hindsight might help tell a different story of lockdown to the one we’re experiencing right now. When the stress of the juggle struggle has been diminished by the passage of time, the finger paintings on the wall and the little potted plants in the garden will serve as a heart warming reminder of the season when home was where ALL our hearts were. All under one roof, and all at the same time. This is the time when home comforts lived up to their name, with all the things we might have once taken for granted (a comfy bed, a squishy sofa) suddenly becoming the cornerstones of our family lives, and the backdrop to some fairly enduring and significant memories! Right now, the little things are everything, and this is an ethos that is mirrored by nappy care brand Metanium. Metanium has been trusted by mums for the longest time, and it’s still here now... helping mums maintain a sense of normality to their babycare routines when all around uncertainty and unfamiliarity prevails. With life in lockdown being challenging enough, Metanium is helping lessen the load by offering unrivalled protection against nappy rash, so helping you make the best of this family time at home.

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