Motherhood breakdown (sorry LOCKDOWN)

To know motherhood, is to get lost in yourself and emerge as someone you don’t recognise for a while. As you learn and evolve, you suddenly begin to make friends with the new you, learn acceptance and even begin to enjoy your new role in life. It’s not easy at the best of times, that I know. I’m a mum of 3 boys under 4 years old, all full of energy and who I love fiercely!


It’s EXHAUSTING! My husband is a doctor in the NHS and it’s hard parenting alone most of the time without the usual help from my nearby family. This is met with the constant worry about the virus, and potentially contracting it, as each day my husband is putting himself and potentially us at risk. Then....there's the fact that I’m pregnant with my 4th...(I’m no super woman, trust me!)

As exhausting as it is, the kids are getting me through it. However mundane the days can be, the smiles on their faces and their innocence is so powerful and it gives me strength and hope for the future.

I've tried activities to keep them occupied, but some days are certainly better than others.

What I’ve realised, though, is that they seem pretty happy overall, and that’s because all they really need is their mum and love. And that’s enough...

Whatever you current circumstances or situation, please know that this will not last forever, you can get through this, and you are doing an amazing job!

Stay safe. We will get through this.

Author credit: Stephanie Rich