‘If it isn’t so...just pretend it is’

If ever there was a motto that summed up some of the most successful children’s games... this is it.

It’s one of the few perks of devising a programme of entertainment for young children, that you can take all manner of ‘stuff’ and turn it into a game, simply by tapping into the infinite potential of a child’s imagination to see beyond the inanimate.

A wrapping paper roll... well it’s a lightsaber, of course.

A stack of LEGO DUPLO - a Kicko and Super Speedo gadget!

The inside of your Sezane delivery box... a treasure map!!

It doesn’t matter that the garden doesn’t remotely resemble the Sezane drawing in question, since children are experts at bringing the likes of mountains, eagles and giant oak trees to life even in the most uninspired of outdoor spaces.

With the young creative mind adept at transforming anything into something else - often better - simply by visualising it so, it’s good news all round for idea-strapped parents clutching at new ways to fill the days.

Hide some chocolate buttons, individually wrapped in tin foil, around the garden for ‘treasure’, hand the children said Sezane ‘treasure map’ (or anything similar you can find) and off they go!