BAKING WITH KIDS: 'This is one activity that it is worth embracing the mess and stress of'

'Can we eat them yet?’

‘Are they ready now?’

‘That’s my spoooooon!!!!’

Any parent who has ever tried their hand at baking with kids will know that the experience rarely rings true to the BC (before children) expectation, let alone the recipe you give them to follow.

Creating cakes and bakes, particularly when there is more than one child at the counter, is as much about maintaining strategic turn taking in stirring, and ensuring consistency in said stirring implements (ALWAYS have two of the same of EVERYTHING) as it is making sure you have the right ingredients going into the bowl.

This endeavour is a tricky one for perfectionists, for whom the questionable whisking and kneading technique will have you biting your tongue to keep the ‘move-over-I’ll-do-it’ from falling out.

That said... this is one activity that it is worth embracing the mess and stress of, since baking for kids is arguably the most traditional, creative, educational and fun (aside from the squabbles) activity they can partake in within the confines of the ‘home classroom.’

The obvious bonus, as well, is there might just be some haphazardly iced treats to tuck into once all the dough flicking, wooden-spoon-fighting is complete. What could be better than that, on a sunny self-isolated Sunday?