SELF ISOLATION: 'The potential for stress, anxiety and burnout is high'

If there is one word that best describes how mums everywhere are likely feeling right now, it’s probably ‘in limbo’ (ok, 2 words!!) to varying degrees.

From the start of this week, school runs, nursery drops and after school clubs and sports all ground to a halt, marking the dawn of what can only be described as a ‘new normal’ of family life behind closed doors.

Under most circumstances, an end to education and childcare would smack of summer, holidays and fun, but this closure of the school gates has sent a very different ripple of emotions through parents and children than that of a normal end of term.

This isn’t a holiday, with the potential for fun and adventures. This is the start of something quite different... and a little scary to say the least.

For many, jobs have had to be abandoned, with no certainty of when and if they can be resumed. Our homes are evolving into classrooms, softplays, playgrounds... all the places we might frequent in an average day, all condensed under one roof, or if we’re lucky, a roof and a garden.

The potential for stress, anxiety and burnout is high, given the limitations of the four walls in providing the head space, freedom and social interaction both children and parents need and depend upon.

For the mums about to embark on this challenge for the next however many weeks and months - whether it’s homeschooling or embracing the SAHM life in its entirety (potentially with degrees of work thrown in) - there is arguably no easy solution to ease the transition or challenges. BUT... there are plenty of positives to come from this period, ranging from the togetherness it will inevitably bring, through to the imposed deceleration of life’s general busyness and the resultant benefits this carries.

Isolation may be the purpose - and the stark reality - but as a #mumsofinstagram community, none of us need feel entirely alone in navigating this new parenting territory. With no shortage of tools and inspiration to help you seize every opportunity for learning, laughs and love, herein lies this platform’s opportunity to shine...and yours!