'Mother’s Day might not be the big event that it usually is... but this could be a good thing!&#

Mother’s Day might not be the big event that it usually is this year, but there is a sentiment being echoed across instagram, which might just change the face of Mother’s Day as we know it... and potentially for the better.

When forced to scale back the cliche’s, the spending and the materialism of Mother’s Day, what remains are the small token gestures and the togetherness (albeit potentially virtual) that symbolise all that it means to be ‘mum.’

There might not be a meal out, or even a meal any more extravagant than beans on toast given the empty shelves, but what this situation is providing is a return ticket to simpler times, where the people mark the event, rather than the event marking the people.

This year, we’ve teamed up with Metanium to celebrate the simplest of mother’s days. A nod to the little things that count the most, and that ultimately make the job of being ‘mum’ worth every effort, challenge and stress that it might throw our way in the process.

This is the mothers’s day to focus on staying in, cosying up, watching movies, breaking the ‘no napping’ rules (even if it ruins bedtime!) and concentrating on the connections.

Metanium has been there for mums for the longest time, and it’s here now helping mums maintain a sense of normality to their babycare routines when all around uncertainty and unfamiliarity prevails.

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