Snow Day, Bowling Day! The Townsend Twins discover the perfect way to swerve the cold AND keep the k

How to keep the kids entertained on a snow day is a much mused about topic, and one for which we might be able to lend some inspiration thanks to this latest review by The Townsend Twins.

They visited Rollerbowl in Essex earlier this week to try out their range of facilities, and it’s fair to say Romford’s leading multi-activity venue didn’t disappoint.

‘We absolutely loved the fun party atmosphere at Rollerbowl, and they have much more to do besides bowling, including an arcade with a dance mat and ice hokey! They also have great packages online that are suitable for children as well as adults, so parent’s needn’t miss out on the fun!

Besides being a great way to pass a snow day, bowling is also a fantastic t way for kids to keep active, socialise and build confidence by developing their sporting skills!

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📸 The Townsend Twins at Rollerbowl Essex

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