Out & About: Where would we be without a 'mum bag'?

Nothing puts a dampener of a weekend’s family fun quite like a grumpy baby, which is why every mum’s bag is predictably designed for what can only be described as....‘damage limitation.’

Snacks, toys, drinks, dummy, nappy cream... leaving home without ANY of the above would surely be tempting meltdown fate, whichever way you look at it!

Knowing the jam-packed nature of the ‘mum bag’, Metanium have made their barrier cream in easy-to-pack handbag size bottles.

Wherever you’re headed, this tried and trusted nappy cream is top of the ‘to-pack list’ for many parents of nappy-age children. With soreness a particularly common problem in babies and toddlers (particularly when being out and about means longer between nappy changes)it’s reassuring to know there’s a product which can help offer protection against irritation and discomfort.

With just one of the multitude of potential play date dampeners hopefully averted, the only thing left to worry about is how to keep prying eyes out of the ‘snack bag’ until lunch time...

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