Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!

If there’s one thing that’s important in the lead up to Christmas, particularly for children, it’s SLEEP.

After all, sleep equals happy kids, which equals happy Christmas days!

With all the excitement, though, keeping a bedtime routine - let alone an uninterrupted night - can become all the more tricky (don’t we know!)

The solution? Keep them as cosy and comfortable as possible by pairing up those festive pyjamas with a Love to Dream sleep suit - Christmas’ answer to getting little ones well and truly in the sleep ‘zone’, however reluctant they may be. 😉

This clever sleep suit allows feet to be uncovered for Christmas evening antics, and then covered for cosying up time, thereby smoothing the transition from play time to bed time. Once they’re finally in bed, the built-in quilted blanket (which has a lighter upper chest fabric for better temperature regulation) will up the chances of a good night’s, refreshing rest, eliminating the need for loose blankets that are a common cause of chilly middle-of-the-night wake ups. .

With bedtime taken care of, all that remains for the parents is to eat, sleep and be merry when the ‘he’s been!!’ wake up call sounds out at 5am!

Sponsored by Love to Dream.