Happy baby, happy Christmas!

Everybody knows the old ‘happy children, happy parents’ adage, and this is never truer than at this time of year.

It’s no wonder, then, that nappy rash is just one of the problems that mums and dads will go out of their way to avoid (closely followed by coughs and colds) when gearing up for the festive season.

With so much of the joy of these precious few weeks hinging on the littlest family member’s happiness and wellbeing, Metanium are making it their Christmas mission to help keep nappy rash at bay over the festive season.

Metanium is a high absorbency barrier cream which can be used at nappy changes to help protect baby’s delicate skin from the dampness which can become more of an issue in the winter months, when cold weather, thicker clothing and multiple layers give less opportunity for that all-important ‘nappy off’ time, among other nappy rash preventatives.


This in mind, why not keep a handy bottle of Metanium in your change bag or nappy station as the festivities get underway? It might just be the best ‘purple one’ you’ll get your hands on this Christmas!

Sponsored by Metanium