Toy rotation has been shown to help children's attention span, imagination and creativity

If your home is awash with toys, but your children plead boredom at every opportunity... you’re not alone.

It’s one of life’s great frustrations, once you become a parent, that all those lovingly brought toys that you pictured providing hours of joyous entertainment... actually end up sparking less joy than the cardboard boxes they came in!

Floors strewn with ‘stuff’ and toy boxes bursting at the seams with items designed for amusement might well be a familiar site in many family homes, but with the advent of toy rotation, the days of stepping over Lego and tripping over trucks could be numbered…

Toy rotation might not be a new idea, but it’s a revelation to the growing scores of mums catching on to this simple space-saving, boredom busting idea.

Toy rotation has been shown to promote children’s capacity for ‘deep play, ’ which in turn can help increase their attention span, imagination, creativity and critical thinking by giving them the opportunity to fully engage with a toy, without being overstimulating by so many.

Faced with too many toys, kids can become overwhelmed, frustrated and bored, leading to even greater problems than that of a messy house.They simply can’t see the fun, for the toys!

It’s the same feeling you get when you open a wardrobe that’s full of clothes, and feel like you have nothing to wear.

Implementing a toy rotation system has thankfully never been easier thanks to Whirli. Whirli is a new innovation in play that gives parents the chance to switch up their children’s toys on demand. Just subscribe to a plan from £9.99 per month, and your subscription gives you tokens to spend from a huge online collection of toys, which are then posted and delivered to your door. The toys are yours for as long as you want, and if you keep anything longer than 9 months – it becomes yours. But knowing kids, they’ll love some toys, and get bored of others. Whenever you’re done with a toy, just send it back and give someone else the chance to play with it, while you get to pick a replacement. When you return toys, you get the equivalent number of Whirli Tokens back to spend on something else. That way, you get the most for your money, and your kids get the most from their playtime.

For more details visit the Whirli website.

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