Stay-at-home parents experience higher levels of stress than those who work outside the home

Historically speaking, stress has always been associated with the workplace, and the demands and pressures of navigating the career landscape. That said, a new study which examined the variations in stress hormone levels between office workers, and stay at home parents, may be about to put paid what might just be an outdated stereotype… According to this study, stay-at-home parents experience higher levels of stress than those who work outside the home. The reasons behind this trend are potentially complicated, and likely to be different from one parent to the next, but there are also some common triggers to the feelings of overwhelm and frustration that many mums and dads in this situation can pinpoint. Aside from sleep deprivation, which is of course one of the biggest triggers of parent stress, there are other factors which, as a collective, can be enough the test the patience of even the calmest and most collected of characters. These might include, but are not limited to, the constant demands that are part and parcel of raising young children. As any parent will relate, the feeding, cooking, tidying, clothing, washing, shopping, organising and planning offer little opportunity for rest or head space. Throw into this mix, the cumulative stress of constant background noise, tantrums, self doubt, and the absence of privacy and outside assurances, and it’s no wonder that parents’ nerves are so often frayed. For National Stress Awareness Week, we spoke to Natalie Lauren about her experience of parenting stress. You can read her article online here.

Photo credit: Edgeofyoga