Toddler Wearing: The easiest way to get out and about this autumn

We’ve all heard of baby wearing, but who knew there was a new child carrying trend on the block which extends to TODDLERS too?! It’s a fashion which has attracted mixed reactions, but for the sceptics among us, there’s a strong case for persuasion to be gleaned, not least from the many advocates of ‘toddler wearing’ who swear by this approach! By strapping your not so little one onto your back (or front), you immediately have a more hands-free out and about experience to the one which involves either pushing and maneuvering a heavy buggy, or relying on a child walking (perhaps reluctantly) from A to B. In the latter case, the toddler wearing approach gives the assurance of knowing where your child is at all times, and is an easy solution to the delays and hyper alertness that ordinarily come with a toddler on foot! This is invaluable when walking near roads or in crowded places, which are often no more conducive to reins as they are a wide push chair load. If all this isn’t persuasion enough to jump on the toddler carrying bandwagon, there’s also the incentive of a generally more comforted child, who given the novelty of being on mummy’s back, might be less inclined towards the kind of buggy-bound antics that give errands with kids such a bad name.

Keen to give it a go? The Izmi carrier is the sling of choice for mums of past-the-teeny-stage tots who can’t help but jump at the chance of piggy backing their way into the autumn! The soft, flexible and lightweight design is both ergonomic and supportive, with a wrap-like design which distributes your toddler’s weight evenly to reduce pressure on your back. Izmi® Toddler carriers feature an extra wide, padded waistband for comfortable toddler carrying, and are fully adjustable and machine washable. The sling itself is also quick and easy to put on, which means you can hot foot it to the shops or the school run with a welcome element of freedom, not to mention fitness, to smooth and better the journey... wherever it happens to take you! Sponsored by Izmi Carriers