Get Outside Day: From park trips to welly walks... make the most of the great outdoors this autumn!

Most parents will agree, getting outside the house (even if only for a short while) is a non-negotiable for a happy, healthy household. From park trips to welly walks, these are the hours on which an entire day’s ‘success’ (and a parent’s sanity) is often hinged. In spite of the seemingly losing battle that is actually LEAVING the house, the fresh air and open space can ultimately win you the war, which no amount of tactical tantrum taming might have otherwise! With today being Get Outside Day, we’re celebrating the wonder that is nature when it comes to seizing each day and making positive, happy memories with your little one/s. As we all know, though, there’s more to getting a family ready for the off at this time of year, than the summer might have gotten us used to! Layers. Waterproofs. All-in-ones. They’re all great for helping kids to enjoy the intriguing (yet damp!) joy of puddle splashing and downpour dashing, but they’re less great for avoiding common problem of nappy rash. Between less frequent nappy changes, and damp warm conditions, baby’s delicate skin can often become prone to irritation in autumn, which is where Metanium comes in as your go-to for a happy baby when out and about this season.

Prepping for an autumn outing can be as simple as using Metanium barrier cream before heading out. Then, with your ‘change bag essentials’ likely already at a new level of complex (dry clothes anyone?!), why not also tuck in a handy bottle of healing ointment to help relieve any irritation should it occur while you’re out enjoying the long, leaf-crunching family walks that so many precious memories are made of on the likes of Get Outside Day... and beyond. Sponsored by Metanium