Cherish these moments

Of all the inspirational quotes doing the rounds on social media of late, there is one that probably stands out the most to those who have happened to come across it. The ‘18 summers’ musing, which highlights the reality that we only have a handful of summers with our children, can’t fail but strike a chord with anyone who can already relate to the scary speed at which the years pass once children are added to the lifestyle mix. Though an obvious observation in hindsight, it can come as a stark reality check to many parents that the ‘togetherness’ years might have an end point, and that this might in fact be sooner than the seemingly long days of parenting can sometimes imply.

The thought that the school holidays which we’re often guilty of wishing away, might one day be the times that we wish back the most, is as good a nudge as any to make a point going forward of not just making memories, but capturing them for posterity as well.

Capturing memories goes beyond just taking thousands of photos, destined for the cloud, or worse the digital abyss of some forgotten old hard drive. It means printing them off, and making them tangible.

With the advent of print seeming to have had its day, and the value of real, physical photographs widely underestimated, today’s generation of children and parents might inevitably miss out on what are essentially return tickets to moments otherwise gone.

As for summer 2019, it might exist now only in our camera rolls, but it’s worth bearing in mind that, just as we only have 18 summers with our children, we also have only 18 autumns. 🍁

Here’s to making this one count...