Twinning is Winning

Fashion trends come and go, but if there is one that seems to be standing the test of time best in this culture of fast paced style, it is the ‘mini me’ craze. Yes, coordinating parent-child outfits are not just a fleeting bit of fun. They are a serious style statement if ever there was one.

Far from the matchy-matchy ensembles of yesteryear (adult-child garments made from the same piece of fabric for economical reasons), today’s styles are less a product of necessity, and more a reflection of our changing emotional values.

The likes of Dolce & Gabbana led the way by creating special mother-daughter collections, which usurprisingly, celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian were quick to catch on to. More recently, the matchy-matchy effect has filtered into the father-son market, with perhaps even greater implications for the heart strings than the ‘mummy and me’ phenomenon?

With Dads now sharing in the joy of the mini me movement, swimwear brand Tom and Teddy have come to epitomise all that is joyous about this concept.

From a child’s perspective, the appeal of wearing the same swimmers as Daddy on a family holiday is not surprising. For millenia, mum and dad have been the ultimate roll play fodder, and now there’s costume potential beyond raiding mum or dad’s wardrobe. From the parent stance, the trend is the ultimate way to express your love for your little one, not to mention lend a sense of ‘youth by association’ to your everyday style.

With an Indian Summer forecast for just around the corner, there’s perhaps no better time to jump on the mini-me swimwear bandwagon and embrace a last ditch dip into holiday mode before the autumn sets in. Beyond facilitating some fun in the sun, the Tom and Teddy brand lends a tangibility to the old ‘like father, like son’ proverb, meaning it not only has all the makings of some great photos, but more importantly, some wonderful memories.

Sponsored by Tom and Teddy