Celebrate the small parenting wins

New research published today reveals that 49% of UK parents feel pressure from social media influencers to be the ‘perfect parent’, with over a third (36%) of parents feeling social media can portray parenting as ‘easy,’ leading to 22% feeling like they are failing as a parent. The research by Haliborange found that 48% of parents’ perception of ‘Instagram perfect parenting’ has a negative effect on their mental health and wellbeing, with nearly two thirds feeling judged by other parents and 22% comparing their parenting skills to those on social media. . As parents are preparing for their kids to start or return back to school, 83% of parents agree that everyday realistic ‘small parenting wins’ such as getting the children out of the house in time for school, going to the toilet in peace or drinking a cup of tea without it going cold should be celebrated more often. In light of the research, Haliborange has launched their Every Parent’s a Winner campaign, which aims to help parents celebrate every-day ‘small wins’. As part of the campaign, Haliborange has teamed up with honest parenting duo Greg Rutherford (Olympic gold medal winning athlete and stay-at-home Dad), and his influencer fiancé, Susie Verrill to talk about their relatable, everyday small wins, the pressures of ‘Instagram perfect parenting’ and how every parent deserves to be a winner.

You can view the full video online here.