'It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day'

Parenthood is tough, like really tough. It’s also super rewarding, and the best thing I’m sure you’ve ever done, but it’s hard work! There’s no other 24/7 job like it and sometimes Mums and Dads just need a bit of annual leave from parenting. It’d be great to be able to pop in your leave request but realistically it’s down to us to make the time. I’m not talking about a week in Mexico. I’m thinking more along the lines of a hot cuppa in the morning, 20 minutes to read a book, even a cheeky spa day every now and then if you really want to try your luck!

Between the endless school and social activities, and combined with family and work commitments, I’ll admit it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day and staying up until midnight kind of defeats the object! But if you can manage a 5-minute cuppa, a few pages of a book, a quick coffee with a friend or an express gym sesh this all helps towards keeping your wellbeing, happiness and mental health in tip top condition; Which believe it or not will benefit those around you.

As parents we wouldn’t think twice about sitting the kiddies down for some quiet time when they're tired, taking a quiet day at home when it’s been a busy week or packing them off to bed early when it’s been a long day, and honestly, we need to be doing the same for ourselves.

I made a pledge to myself a while back to take 30 minutes a day to do something for me, where my action didn’t benefit a single other person; I felt selfish, guilty, like I needed to hide what I was doing or justify why I was doing it, but after a while it felt great! I look forward to my 30 minutes, I tell others I’m doing it and why, and the difference it makes is huge. Spread the word to your Mummy & Daddy friends and let them know “me time” is fuel... not a luxury, and you’ll probably find they feel the same way.

Author credit: Ellie Harris