'By taking some time away, you will be able to give your family so much more'

And breathe... Is that even a thing once you enter motherhood? Do we even know what ‘slowing down’ means any more? I know the score mama. Relaxing for me is a quick five minute lean against the kitchen counter with a luke warm coffee, or a cold piece of toast. It’s ten minutes of peace in the car whilst baby still snoozes. It’s a three minute shower before the clock strikes 7am. We’re all familiar with it, we all do it, but WHY do we accept it? The saying goes that you ‘cannot pour from an empty cup’ so I’m here to express the importance of taking time to yourself. Old-fashioned mum guilt prevents so many of us from taking advantage of ‘down time’. After all, what kind of mother puts her own needs ahead of her children? Turns out, a pretty good one. So today I want you to do the following:

  1. Create a list of things that make you happy.

  2. Create a list of things you do every day.

  3. Compare the lists.

  4. Adjust accordingly.

Most importantly, know that you truly are being a good mum by being a good example, and by teaching the importance of self care and self love. So go for lunch with your girlfriends, watch a box set in your jammies, get your steam on with a spa break, or just ditch that mounting washing pile for a five minute face mask. I promise you, by taking some time away, you will be able to give your family so much more. You were a person before you were their mother, and that person matters too.

Author credit: Hannah Evans