Revel in the small things every now and again, and have that 'lazy day'!

As a parent, I think sometimes it almost seems easier, and certainly less daunting, to go out and keep busy all day, when there is a small person around. There's no such thing as a “lazy day” when you have little people... but actually, when you sit back and take a minute to figure out what it is that interests that small person, what captures their imagination, you realise it doesn’t take much. Some of our best days recently have been spent sitting in the garden, on the ground, barefoot, with a big bucket of water from the outside tap, and some bowls. My child would play with those simple things for hours. I think sometimes it pays to just s l o w down.

It’s hard for me. I find it really difficult, but when I do manage to do it, I can suddenly see the cogs going in my little person’s brain. I see things and notice things that maybe I wouldn’t usually, and so does she. Instead of running around hurriedly tidying everything up, sometimes I just let her do it. It’s painstakingly slow, as she places one item at a time away into a bag or box, studying each one as intently as the last. Figuring out how they fit together in the container, what noise they make, how they feel. Learning.

I think we need to teach ourselves, and our children, to slow down, revel in the small things every now and again, and have that “lazy day”.

Author credit: Bethany Greig