Prenatal Yoga: the how-to of maintaining a healthy body and mind during pregnancy

The topic of prenatal exercise is one for which there are many (very different) schools of thought. Almost all of these have, at some point or another, proved open to some form of media critique or debate. From ‘doing too much’ to ‘not doing enough’, many celebrities in particular will be familiar with the backlash that is seemingly attached to most points of the activity spectrum as soon as there is a bump in the equation. Frustratingly, all these check lists and conditions don’t make it easy when you’re a mum-to-be just wanting to reap the rewards of an active pregnancy. One form of fitness which does, however, seem to transcend all these do’s, don’t and divided opinion is Yoga. Prenatal Yoga has been shown to help maintain a healthy body and mind through the many changes and subsequent stresses that growing and carrying a baby ensues. Like traditional yoga, the approach focuses on modified poses (postures) and breathing exercises as a way to increase strength and flexibility and balance your mind. It is considered a useful preparation tool for labour and birth, as well as helping improve sleep, reduce anxiety, stress and depression and assisting with pregnancy back pain and nausea.

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