‘Father’s Day is a lovely reminder of the amazing experience of becoming a Dad’

Ordinary, we’re all about the Mums (not to state the obvious), but today we’re taking a Dad stance on parenting and talking to a handful of ‘insta dads’ about their experience of raising children, jugging the helter skelter of family, work and life balance... and what they’ll be up to this Father’s Day!

‘The Hairy Father’ ‘Being a father comes with highs of coming home from work and they are shouting your name running towards you, and the lows of missing them when at work. Being a dad blogger gives me so many things to write about because it’s about me and my boys and my family...and I’ll be spending Father’s Day working unfortunately but I get to spend the morning with them...’


‘To me, Father’s Day (aside from hopefully getting a morning coffee in bed and a pizza lunch) is a chance to reflect on the amazing times I’ve had with my kids over the years and start plotting what’s next. With summer (hopefully!) about to finally bloom soon, I can’t wait for more adventures and good times. Of course, fatherhood and parenthood in general has its struggles. For a start there’s the never ending worrying about the kids’ health, education, wellbeing and happiness, plus relationship and financial pressures too. That said, being a father is the greatest thing that’s happened to me, and I look forward to many more Father’s Days (and pizza lunches) in the future.’

Mike Oldham ‘I absolutely love being a dad and enjoy (almost) everything about it. We’ve just been celebrating my son’s third birthday today so Father’s Day for me will be all about enjoying some down time. I’d like to be able to say I’ll be relaxing, but I’ll need to wait and see if I get the chance. Fathers Day always falls on the Sunday around my sons birthday so it’s a lovely reminder of that amazing experience of becoming a dad and I’ll be happy just to reflect on that.’

Tony ‘This is my second Fathers Day and I will be spending it at work as it’s my 1st day in a new job. I can honestly say I’m not fussed by this. Being a parent isn’t about one day. Of course it’s nice to get a pat on the back, but I feel everyday is special with Thea, just spending time with her is the best present. Every time she smiles and laughs it melts my heart. I know it’s cheesy but it’s true. It’s not all been plain sailing though. When Thea was born I found that period really difficult becoming a dad. Questioning ‘what was my role?’ all the time, then the lack of sleep. My mental health wasn’t great in those first 2-3 months. Life only got better when I opened up, started to communicate and tackle my problems. I feel lucky to be a modern dad as I got so much support from social media. Once I posted on Instagram, so many dads reached out to offer support and they helped me so much. I guess that’s why I blog, to try to help other people that might be going through the same issues no one should feel alone.’