‘Displaying your child’s drawings can boost their confidence and self-esteem’

As parents, there is nothing more heartwarming than flicking through a treasured stash of your children’s artworks. All these little snippets of their blossoming creativity are what proud parent moments are made of, and as time goes by, many mums and dads also find these artworks a wonderful reminder of what are undeniably the most fleeting yet precious parenting years. For every stick man, squiggle or smudged finger painting that ever graces a fridge door, there’s a parent who smiles every time they reach for the milk. Great as pin boards and magnets are for showcasing and celebrating our budding little artists, this display method is not the only or best way to memorialise their creations. A new and exciting app called Doodlespot turns your child’s drawings into framed prints, consigning them to high quality wall art that would often be as fitting in a lounge as it is in a child’s bedroom.

By displaying your child’s artwork in this way, you’re showing your child support and helping them to see they creativity from a new perspective, all of which can help to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Whether you use an existing drawing, or procure a new one for a specific purpose/room, the end result can be both a talking point AND a design feature. Keen to give it a go? Why not ‘commission’ something by supplying your child with paints in your preferred colour palette, or just let them loose with some potato stamps and finger paints to see what freestyle works they can come up with? You never know, they might just surprise you with just how close to the ranks of modern art they can get with nothing but a hearty dose of abandon and imagination!! Sponsored by Doodlespot