'Do what you feel is best, and everything else will fall in to place'

Weaning is something I was very excited to start, for a number of reasons. My little one has reflux and weaning brought the exciting promise of less sick! Also, the love I have for food is borderline concerning and if my little one is anything like me, he’s in for a real treat!

We started things off slowly, introducing little bits of puréed fruit and vegetables at a time. Now it would appear that I’m raising a human bin, as I’m yet to find something this little gannet won’t eat.

Here is the feeding routine that I found works for us:

7:00 - Wholemeal toast and butter, cut into 4 long pieces.

9:00 - Banana

9:30 - Sleep

12:30 - Wholemeal pasta, chopped tomatoes, mixed beans and veg

15:00 - Natural yogurt and raspberries

15:30 - Sleep

17:30 - Mashed potato, peas and boneless fish followed by natural yogurt and fruit.

19:00 - 9oz milk before bed

Up until very recently, I would also give 8oz of milk after nap times but now my little one has discovered he can roll, attempting to give a bottle is futile. I always tried to give bottles after sleep, try to and avoid my little one becoming reliant on them to fall asleep.

I probably should mention that the above feeding routine is when I’m really feeling like I have my life together. In an ideal world, that is what I would provide every day, but sometimes that’s just not possible.

Life is exhausting, kids are demanding and sometimes you don’t feel like preparing a weeks worth of pasta. Some days it’s okay to binge watch an entire series of Game of Thrones and eat digestives instead of meal prepping. That’s what baby pouches are for! The best thing I’ve learnt along the way is never to compare what your doing with others. Susan from down the road who only feeds her child organic kale and corn fed chickens that must be sung a lullaby before they rest in their coop, is probably compulsive liar. You know your baby more than anyone and you know what works for both of you. Do what you feel is best and everything else will fall in to place. Good luck Mama.

Author credit: Megan Stewart