'Once I started to relax, I enjoyed the weaning experience a lot more'

Hi, I’m Anj, mum behind the anjs_kitchenblw Instagram page. I’m sharing a typical day of weaning for us and some tips I have learnt along the way. The times shown below are roughly our usually day, but as we all know babies/toddlers can be quite unpredictable at times, so I usually go with how Esme is day to day. Sometimes she wakes up earlier or later, other times her nap time is shorter or longer. We started weaning at 6 months and she is now 13 months old. Now that she is older and has milk in the morning and night I do offer her cooled boiled water with her meals.

7:30-8:00am- Breakfast

Our day usually starts between 7:30-8:00am. Whilst Esme has her milk in her high chair I use the opportunity to prepare breakfast. This morning we had strawberry and vanilla overnight oats topped with fresh Strawberry and Banana. Breakfast is usually when she eats the most out of all the 3 meals, so I make sure she has a filling start to the day.

After breakfast we have a clean down and get ready. When she was younger, she used to fall asleep right after breakfast but now we have a morning play, and she’s a lot more active now as well.

10am- Snack time

I change the snack up depending on what we have had for breakfast. I usually do a lot of fruits for breakfast so the morning snack would be savoury but as we only had strawberries, I decided to serve a fruit salad with some frozen berry and Greek yoghurt blend that I froze using a heart mould (home bargains) and a mini doughnut mould (amazon).

Morning nap usually happens after morning snack. We have another clean down and she has a nap in her cot. During this time, I will either prep lunch or prep dinner depending what I am making. I decided to make some muffins for our freezer stash, and she could have some for her afternoon snack.

12:00-12:30pm- Lunch

I always struggle with lunch ideas. I'm not sure why but I am trying to make more of an effort. A lot of the time we do have leftovers for lunch or something from the freezer stash. If we're out all day, I pack a variety of things in our yumbox and head out. I switched up lunch today and served a ham toastie, I stole some cheese from the muffin mix I was making and popped it in, served with carrot ‘fries’ and organix strawberry biscuit.

2:30-3:30pm Snack time

I made some courgette and sweetcorn muffins for the freezer, so I served one with some cucumber slices. She loved these the first time I made them so I thought I would make them again as we have run out.

After this snack she usually has some playtime or we go to the park. If we're staying indoors she has an afternoon nap but if we're out she loves to have a nosey at what’s going on around her and she enjoys the swing and slide now so we spend a lot of time on those. The majority of the time, this is her shortest nap but again this can change depending on her and what type of night we had previously.

5:30-6:00pm Dinner

I always try to serve dinner at the same time, and we try to eat our dinner together every night but some days that isn’t possible. I try to make sure I serve a variety of different dinner dishes during the week and aim to try one new dish a week. This day we had a wild garlic pesto, salmon, asparagus and tomato puff pastry tart served with tomatoes, asparagus and courgette on the side.

Top weaning tips

Relax and enjoy the experience – I started weaning at 6 months and I used to think 'why won’t she eat her meal?'... but it was all new to her and she was still getting used to things. Once I started to relax, I enjoyed the experience a lot more.

Offer a variety of different foods and textures to get them used to different tastes

Weaning hack

The freezer is your best friend. Meals or snacks that can be frozen are so handy. Sandwich pinwheels are always a good freezer option and the filling choices are endless. They can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. Muffins freeze well too. For a cold teething snack blend some berries with Greek yoghurt to make a yoghurt bark or moulds of froyo.

Note: Please remember to me mindful of choking hazards when serving berries (or anything else I have served in this diary).