’I’m currently challenging myself to create a completely different breakfast for 7 days’

This is me and my daughter Giovanna (Gigi). She’s 11 months old and has been exploring food & experiencing new tastes from 6 months. I have been documenting our weaning journey on my Instagram page @my_foodie_baby

'Gigi is not a fan of early mornings so by the time she wakes up the house is already fully in action and she’s always too distracted to sit down and eat breakfast.

I usually just give her a bottle of milk and a snack (either a baby biscuit or fruit) and pack her into the buggy to do the school run. We had to pop into Tesco this morning on the way home from doing the school run so I grabbed an apple for Gigi from the ‘free fruit for kids box’. I think this is a really awesome concept and love that Tesco are promoting healthy eating for kids.

I used to always pick up a banana or satsuma for Gigi but she is so into apples right now! I don’t peel them or cut them....I just pull out the cork and let her chomp away. She really enjoys them and it keeps her entertained for a while! I’m currently challenging myself to create a completely different breakfast for 7 days and post them on my Instagram blog. I’m often speaking to Mummys who tell my they find it difficult to add variety to their babies breakfast and find themselves having just toast or cereal every day so I’m hoping this challenge will inspire others. I’m trying to add as much variety and nutrition as possible to all the breakfasts I post.

I made oat and cranberry muffins for breakfast this morning. Gigi likes to pick them up and nibble away slowly...she really enjoys muffins. I made these fresh this morning but I will freeze some of them for days when I don’t have time to bake. They are great for brekkie but also fab as a snack on the go! Gigi had berries and cherry yogurt...she’s so obsessed with blueberries right now! I make the cherry yogurt using frozen cherries and mix them into Greek yogurt. Gigi loves peanut butter so I often pop it on a rice cake for her. I get low sugar organic rice cakes - the big ones and let her nibble away. They are nice and soft so I’ve been giving these to her since before she even had teeth. Today she decided she just wanted to lick off the PB. She also had some grapes cut into quarters.

Lunch was Mission Deli Disney kitchen carrot wraps with cream cheese & avocado. I love to get creative and add lots of colour to Gigi’s lunches so it’s great that these wraps are orange in colour and they’re flavoured. She also had some olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & hummus for dipping.

I was chatting to the Health Visitor last week at Gigi’s 11 month assessment & we were discussing food. She reminded me that you need to cut grapes into quarters to avoid choking but it’s not necessary to slice olives or tomatoes. The olives have a hole in the middle (they MUST be pitted for babies) so they cannot block the airways. The tomatoes squish so they are also fine to be offered whole. It’s also not necessary to take the skin off the cucumber. Gigi had her mid afternoon snack on the go. The sun suddenly came out after hours of pouring rain and I wanted to get out of the house for some fresh air. I just packed her snacks into our reusable snack bags & jumped into the buggy!

I love these reusable snack bags from Nom Nom, designed especially for children, they can be washed and reused up to 40 times so I love that I am also helping the environment. Gigi had yogurt in the Nom Nom spout pouch - we just unscrew the lid and she sucks from it. She also had a Babybel, mini bread sticks and animal biscuits.

We all sit down and have dinner together in the evening but Gigi was getting a bit cranky so I gave hers to her before Daddy got home from work. We all ate a bit later but Gigi was picking the leftovers off our plates.

I’d made a beef casserole and it had been slowly cooking in the oven all afternoon so the meat was soft...Gigi seemed to really enjoy it, there was nothing left on her plate.

I served the casserole with mashed potato & carrot stars. I often use my cute little food cutters to make shapes out of fruit and veggies...it just makes mealtimes more exciting and appealing for Gigi.

Author credit: Natalie Hughes