‘Women surrounded by the right people can and do achieve incredible things’

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a Midwife’s side of the labour and birth experience?

Here, Tess and Leonie of Your Neighbourhood Midwives share their experience of working in what is one of the most important  - yet arguably undervalued - professions:-

‘Tess and I started our midwifery careers in the NHS and rotated between all the main areas of Maternity. Working in each area meant making connections of trust and love very quickly, understanding what women and families were hoping for, snd being acutely aware that small things can make a big difference. Some days we would leave work elated, feeling we’d supported and empowered women, and some days we’d leave in tears feeling like we’d failed because we hadn’t been able to give the care and support we know we are capable of. We started working together as Independent Midwives and love how we are able to give women time and attention through this important time in their lives. They are the centre of our care. Like all jobs, there are highs and lows. Among the highs was a woman who finally “let go” of her 4th baby, supported by her mother and her 11 year old daughter.  She gave birth as her daughter sang to her, which was both beautiful and powerful. Then there was the VBAC by a woman with so much strength, who laboured with the aid of a birth ball, TENs machine, some twinkly fairy lights and positive affirmations pegged up all around the room! Women surrounded with the right people, being supported and empowered, can and do achieve incredible things. It is a privilege and honour to have joined this long line of Midwives who have been before us... and those who are yet to come’ . #internationaldayofthemidwife