Mum’s voice is ‘better than a hug’ at soothing stress

In times of stress, upset or emotional turmoil, just hearing their mother’s voice can be as soothing to a child (especially girls) as a hug!

This is according to research revealed in an article by the Telegraph, which goes some way to explaining why children gravitate to mum when they are anxious or upset, and why teenagers, for example, might call their mum first after a big exam, driving test or other stressful experience. The reason for this, according to experts, is that the familiar sound of mum’s voice produces an increase in the hormone oxytocin, which can help quell the hormones brought on by stress and encourage bonding. When established in early infancy, these interactions can actually help shape our ability to cope with stress in later childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Using words of comfort, encouragement and support is something that @ thestylebee agrees is a definitive part of her parenting style. She says, ‘when I’m with my girls, we talk, sing and hug. I always tell them I love them on repeat. I know they find comfort in my voice and words and hugs. That’s how we bond. I want them to know I am always there. In my actions, voice and hugs.’