'Time saving cleaning solutions are not just helpful, they’re essential'

The traditional spring clean is dying out, a study has found, as millions of us struggle to find the time for housework. It comes as no surprise, especially with the demands of modern life meaning it is increasingly difficult to balance working hours with looking after children, let alone anything else. Of the 2,000 adults polled in this study by Beko, three in 10 only manage to squeeze in a few chores at the weekends, and as for the traditional spring clean.. well 38 per cent of us think it’s had its day!

This in mind, time saving cleaning solutions are not just helpful, they’re essential

Since the kitchen is the room in the house which takes the longest to get sparkling, followed by the bathroom and living room, we’ve looked at some ways to fast track your cleaning this spring: Technology

From self-cleaning ovens, to robot vacuums and self-cleaning litter boxes for pets, modern technology can help us save time in the cleaning department by enabling us to multitask. Apparently, one in five of us say that being able to control appliances via our smartphones is a huge time saver. The long and short is, technology can certainly make our lives easier in some regards, and reduce at least some of the pressure and guilt about sacrificing family time to get cleaning tasks done. Multifunctional cleaning products Cleaning the toilet is one of the chores Brits would be quite happy to see the back of, so using double up products such as Bloo Frangrance Switch can help to take some of the leg work out of the process. This innovative new product has a 4 Function Formula (with patented technology) and contains a cleaning Foam which cleans the toilet with every flush. The anti-limescale and dirt protection active ingredients make it a particularly useful product for those busy households who are pushed for cleaning time, and the innovative AquaActive Technology introduces a new scent switch with every flush. First things first

Doing the vacuuming makes you feel like you have cleaned up, and is often the first thing people opt to do. However, vacuuming should be the last thing you do. Do all the tidying, clearing away and dusting before vacuuming, as dust particles will fall to floor – and if you have already vacuumed you would just have to do it all over again!* Room by room cleaning

Tackling each room individually will only add to your cleaning time, and make you feel like it is never ending. Meaning you either get fed-up with all the cleaning or start to skip important cleaning jobs. Instead, approach your cleaning routine based on cleaning jobs. Get the duster out and dust across the house, don’t just vacuum one room...vacuum all the rooms. Deciding to clean the windows, clean then all. Using this approach means you’ll be finished quicker and you won’t be continually cleaning.* Sponsored by Bloo (• Tips by Chemist Dr Time Bond OBO E cloth)