‘Wearing things that you love on repeat is not a negative thing, it’s to be applauded’

Wearing the same outfit on more than one occasion might have once been considered a fashion faux pas, but now...it’s a style statement!

Finally, the shifting stance on fashion repeats means we can really make the most of our wardrobes without fear of scrutiny or judgement. For all those mums whose time-pressured getting dressed routine might rely on a few trusty grab-and-go pieces... this is music to the ears! Not least because, in the world of school runs and play days, ‘deja vu dressing’ has long since been the norm anyway. It’s just that now we can feel good about it! Giving further cause for delight is the news that it’s not just everyday wear we can get away with switching up! Occasion wear and ‘out out’ wear is similarly reusable. ‘About time too’, we hear you say, since the time, cash and energy lost procrastinating over clothes on these (often rare) glamming-up occasions are expenses we can probably all do without.

We asked @ thestylistandthewardrobe what her thoughts were on style repeats, and here’s what she said: 💬‘Having a healthy happy wardrobe and wallet is very important. My New Year’s resolution this year is to really think about what I’m buying and to not make impulse short term purchases. Wearing things that you love on repeat is not a negative thing, it’s to be applauded. It’s easy to switch up the same loved dress or trousers with a different jacket or accessory. That way everything in your wardrobe works hard and is truly loved. And who doesn’t like wearing their favourite clothes. It’s also much better for our environment to reduce our fast fashion throw-away choices.’ #stylerepeats #stylerepeat #style #mumstyle #fashion #mummystyle #whatiworetoday