Who’s got their ‘mum hat’ on?

Today is National Hat Day, which got us thinking about hats. Metaphorical hats, that is, and specifically... the ‘mum hat’! 

Assuming the role of ‘mum’ every morning is very much a case of stepping into a character. Of putting on your ‘mum hat’ ready to start the day. 

The mum hat is all well and good, BUT, what happens when you can’t get the thing off at the end of the day, once you’ve long clocked off from mum duties? 

Or - worse still, what happens when your hair is left so dishevelled that you might as well keep it on anyway, for all the difference it makes? Such is the overwhelming impact of the ‘mum hat’, that many mums feel it doesn’t really matter how else they try to glamourise the rest of their look... the associated mum mindset/look prevails! 

This is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because on some days, all a mum wants to do is look (and therefore feel) like themselves again. To have that moment of self recognition in a mirror that the ‘hat’ often prevents. The blessing, however,  is that wearing the ‘mum hat’ does lend well to self-kindness, and a lesser tendency to berate our appearance. Whether this is mindset, or that we simply have less time for procrastinating over outfits/hair/make up, is open to debate! But in the bigger picture of wellbeing and happiness, the ‘messy hair, don’t care!’ motto that prevails in mum mode may do more for our self esteem than we think... 

First and foremost, it forces us to become comfortable at our raw, make-up-free best, where being mismatching and ‘Miss Matching’ are one and the same - and equally conducive to confidence! This is just as well, it has to be said....when heels and a bobble hat are your closest thing to a style statement since BC (before children!) . #nationalhatday #mumhat #motherhood #mum #mother #instamum #mumsofinsta