Good to GROW! Are you bold enough for JANUHAIRY?

Yes.. the rumours are true! January is now officially ‘JANUHAIRY’! A month-long campaign encouraging women to grow their body hair! The concept is encouraging women to embrace their natural hair, while raising money for charity, but what do we all think? We spoke to Nyomi of @ nomipalony , who’s embracing the campaign, to discover what inspired her to get on board: ‘I’m a feminist. I believe women should have choice in all things they should do. But I don’t think hair removal for women is a real choice. We have been conditioned since birth to think that women can only be attractive when smooth and hairless. We internalise the message that to have body hair is masculine, gross and not sexy. So when we have our natural body hair we feel shame. But all women have this body hair. I’m sick of women being told they have to change their bodies to look different. So when I saw #januhairy I wanted to support it, because it’s time for things to change! People have reacted well largely but lots of women have internalised sexism and that’s hard to work out. Posts that normalise female body hair are so important in changing mindsets. The more we get used to looking at natural female body hair the less weird we will find it,’