Family Resolutions: What will you aim for TOGETHER this year?

New Year’s Resolutions are often of a personal nature, based on aspirations of how we would like to see (and feel in) ourselves in both the short and long term. Alongside these goals, there is something to be said for setting resolutions as a family unit. These might range from broadening the range of experiences you have together, to simply spending more ‘quality’ time in each other’s company. The advantage of setting these kinds of targets is that is creates a platform for positive change where it is needed. By making each partner in the family (and older children) accountable and invested in a mutual vision, the potential for improving the family environment and experience for everyone involved is greatly increased. We asked some of our favourite ‘instamums’ (mums of instagram) what there family goals were for the year, and here’s what they said:

Courtnay Baird @aforeverlylove

'Both my husband and myself have agreed that we need to be more mindful about setting our phones down and being more present. Taking 'breaks' from social media. As great as this platform has been for our family we also don't want to only be living for moments we can capture and put on Instagram. Sometimes the greatest moments are when we are having so much fun we don't have time to grab a camera or phone and document it. I want to have more fun moments like that, and not feel like I should be documenting it.'

Dominika Grand @dominikagrand

'I am not big on resolutions. I find that they can be toxic to my mental health and create a space of unnecessary pressure. There comes a lot of guilt with resolutions, because it suggests an end goal. I tend to focus on intentions instead. It's a daily practice and a constant state of improvement. Last year, my intention was "present over perfect." This year, my intention will be breath. Breathing is what got me though my entire labor and delivery, so it should be able to get me through a lot of other goals I have been putting off. So this year, I will breathe through each day and whatever challenges may come my way.'