Many of us won’t mind admitting, we’re the first to jump on any little anecdote which adds a bit of glint to our female armoury! So here’s a gem of a newsflash for you... SANTA’S REINDEER ARE FEMALE!! Apparently, male reindeer shed their antlers in early December (the end of the mating season), while females reindeer sport theirs throughout the winter. Surprising? Not really. As a metaphor for mum life, the overburdened yet all-accomplishing sleigh-driver is as good a fit as any 🛷! In fact, it is pretty accurate. Working tirelessly to the expense of self, and benefit of our children, is all part of the motherhood territory that we circumnavigate DAILY, not just once a year. Some days, the fact that everything (or anything) gets done at all is nothing short of a miracle... or so it feels! Lucky we’ve got more than carrots 🥕 to see us through, eh?!