Christmas Eve... are you ready yet?

Christmas Eve is THE most exciting night of the year, for children and adults alike! It’s one of those rare, special evenings when - to some extent at least - routine goes out of the window, and chaos and laughter abound! Play time curfews are lifted, bed time is stretched out, and peeling the reindeer’s carrots is probably as close as we might get to proper meal prep. Everything about Christmas Eve is relaxed, slow, and easy...and just a little bit magical! If anything is going to succeed in kicking start this much sought-after festive vibe, it has to be the Christmas Eve box! Growing in popularity, the concept is not only a teaser for the next day’s gifting. It is a chance to bring families together, and also give children an incentive for bedtime, in spite of all the excitement! Besides pyjamas, hot chocolate and some all- important ‘Lapland Moon Dust’, no box would be complete without a Love to Dream sleep suit (the perfect bed-prep addition!) This clever sleep time essential - which allows feet to be uncovered or covered for play and rest - is a clever way to smooth the transition from play time to bed time, on an evening when streamlining is everything!!! Once they’re finally in bed, the 100% natural cotton and 2.5 TOG design will help up the chances of a good night’s, refreshing rest - ready for a fun-filled day’s festivities come sunrise! Sponsored by Love to Dream.