If ‘Mountain Moving’ were a sport, Mums would almost certainly be gold medalists’

Not to blow our own trumpets... but if ‘Mountain Moving’ were a sport, we Mums would almost certainly be gold medalists 🥇!  

With personal bests in endurance coming out of our ears, and track records in determination as long as our arms, we’re busy shifting those metaphorical summits even in our sleep (what little we get!) The motherhood territory, as we all know, is a a tricky one to navigate. An uphill climb of varying, unpredictable and sometimes gruelling terrains, but with some truly beautiful vantage points along the way. 

From traumatic labours, to severe sleep deprivation, it’s not uncommon for mums to reflect on some of these most challenging times (often much later down the line) and wonder how in fact they made it through, let alone functioned day-to-day. 

The answer, many would agree, lies in the ‘MUMBOT’ alter-ego 🤖! Her with the ability to power through all aversion, even in the absence of rest and sustenance. Call it Adamantine. Call it caffeine. Whichever way, there really ‘ain’t no mountain high enough!’ to defeat us mums! 📸 @honeymadeco 💭 #INSTAMUM ‘Moving Mountain’ tips: Keisha Shah, @teddo1154 "Don't let bad days or experiences pull you down. Try to look at the bright side in any situation, and talk yourself out of it as quickly as possible, so your brain can focus on the more important things in life. Be consistent in your efforts, persevere and you'll come out a winner!’ @mummys_day_out ‘For some, stepping into motherhood is easier than for others, but even before these precious little ones are out of the womb, they make you so strong! No matter what it takes, you just go through and somehow overcome them...for YOU, and for THEM! Taking one day at a time and remembering that, to your children, you are the best Mum ever. You're all they ever want!’ #movemountains #internationalmountainday #motherhood #mumlife #mum #mumsofinsta #coffee #mother