Festive rage, and how to beat it!

Between worrying about present buying, finances and family logistics, many mums will spend the next few weeks feeling perpetually stressed. In fact, a third of people in one survey admitted to being stressed in the run up to Christmas.* The knock-on effect - mum rage!! Considering that almost an entire day is spent planning, shopping and wrapping children’s Christmas presents**, the pressure is not surprising. Especially as added to the mix are a whole host of other issues arising from the change in family routines. As an example, millions of British couples (one in two) are now having heated rows about the temperature of their homes***!! With so much to contend with, it’s no surprise that many mums find themselves getting getting angry and upset at this time of year, rather than feeling joyous and festive. According to Alex Crow, the founder of Stress Boffin, there is a trick that people can use to help diffuse stressful situations this Christmas. He says: ‘It’s often useful to imagine the situation as if you are looking through different lenses...’ 1️⃣A reverse lens. How does this situation look from the other person’s point of view? Often we’re so wrapped up in what is happening that we can’t see how what we are saying or doing is causing the other person to react in the way they are. 2️⃣A wide angle lens. Look at the situation from a wider point of view - who else is it affecting? What lessons can be learnt so that this doesn’t happen again? 3️⃣A long-distance lens. What are you going to feel about this situation in 6 months time? Remember something which upset you a while ago and think about how you feel about it now? When we’re in the middle of a stressful situation it seems the worst thing in the world but, after a little while, we may wonder what all the fuss was about, realising that everything worked out for the best. Sometimes even very difficult times can bring some positive outcomes which wouldn’t have happened otherwise. *zenflore **ebay *** Andrew Sykes

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