‘Are there presents in here...?!’ -  why finding new hiding places for gifts is causing a ‘stressmas

Where small people are concerned, Christmas shopping is rarely a one day event. Preparations start weeks in advance. A stocking filler here, a present there... it’s a staggered and stealthlike undertaking. As a result, we end up with a Monika’s cupboard (sorry non-Friends fans!) of secret squirrel goodies, all hurriedly stowed away, ready for some probably rushed last-minute wrapping the night before the big day! But what happens when your little ones have a habit of seeking out s your secret stashes, no matter how cleverly disguised? A lot of stress, it seems. In fact, the struggle to find original places to hide gifts, to keep them away from prying eyes, is causing six in 10 parents to suffer from 'Christmas stress’. The study of 2,000 mums and dads by eBay.co.uk shows that wardrobes are currently the most popular hiding place, followed by under beds, and 26 per cent are secreting them up in the loft. But it’s not just the hiding that is causing stress. Six in 10 parents said they find decision-making about which toys to buy ‘stressful.