Build a capsule baby wardrobe

Who else’s baby or toddler has a wardrobe bursting with clothes, only about 10 per cent of which gets worn on a regular basis? More often than not, what lurks behind those wedged shut doors and drawers is enough toggery to clothe an army of babies... of varying ages and sizes! All those too big, too small and impractical items which barely see the light of day, until they’ve been long since forgotten or outgrown. It’s such a pity, especially when you find that gorgeous never-worn little dress, complete with labels, which is still burning a JoJo sized-hole in your back pocket!! However, it’s good news for all those lucky hand-me-down recipients! Wardrobe woes such as this are not uncommon. But is there a way to spare ourselves the de-stash agro by streamlining our little one’s wardrobe? It’s seems so, and the impact on our daily time keeping, stress levels and finances can be considerable. Think quality, not quantity Baby clothes go through a lot of wear and tear, especially as your little one navigates weaning and crawling. The clothes you choose will need to withstand multiple washes and friction as they explore food and the world around them. From this stance, cheaper clothes can sometimes be a false economy. Knowing where to spend the money is important though, as investment in top layers tends to pay off better than in base layers. Forget the fuss Subconsciously or not, we tend to choose our baby’s clothes for the day according to convenience. As a result, anything with too many buttons, poppers or layers tends to always get ‘saved for next time’ in favour of simple, slip on and zip up basics that are more conducive to rushes and wriggles. Think comfort over style, and you can’t go far wrong. The most worn pieces will always be those that are soft and easy to move around in. There is also some research that shows organic cotton, in particular, can be kinder and more comfortable on baby’s skin, so shopping from organic certified brands such as Jannet Samanta Dobson can be a good starting point to building a capsule wardrobe. Less is more Sticking to a few brands and colour palettes can help simplify the getting dressed process. Having too many colours and styles creates too many options, which can then overcomplicate things when there is already so much else to think about with a young child. Opt for simple, classic and interchangeable items that you can mix and match according to the weather or occasion.